Black Lab Opal Wide Offset Inlay Black Zirconium Wedding Band or Ring


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All of the rings found in Holz Ring Shop are made entirely in the USA by hand, without the use of automated machinery. All rings are made to be very durable, waterproof, and UV resistant with the utmost consideration for value and longevity, come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the waterproofing finish that has been applied to the inlays. .

MATERIALS: Black Zirconium with black lab opal offset inlay

SPECIFICATIONS: The ring pictured has a 6 mm wide black zirconium band, with a 3 mm black lab opal offset inlay, with a comfort fit interior and a polished flat exterior. This awesome #34 black lab opal is very reflective and color changing and has stained glass appearance when viewed in the sunlight!

Note: I have a crushed lab opal color chart currently available that can be used in this ring at>

and be sure to reference the number below the color in the "notes to seller" with your order!

Note: I also have a titanium ring listed with this same #34 black opal, and you can see how the band material or light background changes the reflections and color of this opal in the inlay somewhat also!

This black zirconium metal ring is made using a special zirconium alloy, that when heat-treated to a very high temperature the oxidation creates a ceramic like coating over the outside of the band. This process creates a very scratch resistant, abrasion resistant and extremely durable finish unlike some that apply dark plating's(black titanium) that will eventually wear off! These black zirconium metal rings will also resist any bending or breaking, and in spite of the toughness of zirconium, it is also incredibly light weight. And this black zirconium band is actually Very Dark grey color, but appears mostly black under most lighting and is why it is called black zirconium, and my photo lighting may make it appear more grey on some monitors!

Note: This offset style band can be made in any width from 5 mm and up, with the offset inlay width starting at 2 mm and will increase proportionally with the overall width of the ring, unless a narrower width is specified in your "note to seller" with your order. So be sure to specify your preferred offset inlay with your order!

This ring can be made in your choice of the inlay material(s), width and location can be modified according to your desired specifications. Please choose your size and width from the drop-down menus while checking out and note any additional information or preferences in the “note to seller” section with your order.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: All rings will now be made in Comfort Fit, and will only be making standard fit by special request. The comfort fit requires little if any adjustments as the width increases! It is best to be sized by several professional jewelers who generally will use thin standard ring sizers on a ring, and most of these are in 1/2 sizes to get your exact size and preferred fit(snug or loose). And then you need to try on a comfort fit band in the same size and width you plan to order, and make any size adjustments accordingly before you verify your order! Rings can be made in quarter sizing for those who may prefer a more precise fit! And please remember the correct sizing and fit is strictly up to you to decide, and this shop cannot or will not be able to make any sizing determinations for you!

Is this style not exactly what you were looking for? Please take a moment to look at the other items available in our shop!

Additionally, I am happy to work with you to create something unique and exactly to your heart’s desire (if possible). I have access to many other types of woods and inlays not currently pictured in the shop.

Thank you for choosing Holz Ring Shop!


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